episode 4

Achieve Big Goals Part 3

Are you willing to pay the price? Doreen lets us in on the third part of the “Achieving your goals” series with a focus on Counting the Cost. Face the fact that in every step towards your goal, it is going to cost you something, and the question is, are you willing to sacrifice? Listen to the areas where it is going to cost you and what it actually takes to pay the price.



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Be willing to count the cost. Click To Tweet You have got to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Click To Tweet It's going to cost you something to achieve your goals, and it's gonna cost you if you don't. Click To Tweet Success is at the other side of your comfort zone. Click To Tweet You just have to be willing to pay the price. Click To Tweet




  • 0:45 – Gratitude and Feedback
  • 3:59 – Recap of Parts 1 and 2
  • 4:47 – The third key to achieving big goals
  • 7:06 – Five areas where it is going to cost you


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  • Thanks for another great episode that speaks loud and clear to the soul. Keep them coming!!

  • Awesome Podcast. every comment and step, was something that i need to put into practice. especially time management.

  • Yes, “check yourself and your attitude”. I recently learned that behavior concept and made grave adjustments within myself. Thank you doreen, this was great and powerful! You always bring the impact and shake-up that is needed and truthful.

  • Truth Spoken ! One of mY SIGNATURE ouotes: We R bri Minds of Courage Purpose .. As A Self PUBLISH Author Poet .. I have EXPERIENCE the Uncomfortable Challenges … From working in the fields with my Ancestors …. I Know that We R the dream of Freedom that they wanted ,to have ,the Hush whisper As they Spoke to Me .. to Never Give Up ..! Another Quote :Of mines .. I Purpose Has no Age ! !! Continuous Blessings Sista 💞I Love Steve and So Proud of what he has accoMplIsh … i have brought two of his books … i workjng on my second self publish Book ..

  • Thank you! I definitely needed to hear this. Please keep the messages coming.

  • Thank you! I definitely needed to hear this. Please keep the messages coming.

  • Very insightful Doreen!
    Stay consistent and you will reach far beyond your determined goal. Blessings to you! I loved it!

  • Hello Doreen, as previously, your podcast information was and is awesome and timely. Thank you.

  • Wonderful words of comfort and encouragement. You are so spot on and you share the experience in a nurturing and relatable way.

  • Thank you Doreen: I needed all five points that you spoke of today. I’m getting there!!!

  • This spoke to me as I am a mature women and still in school, still LEARNING.. looking forward to more podcast

  • Awesome POD cast, it was something I needed today. You hit it on the nail foe me when you spoke about time which is what I need. I have serious decisions to make, and be willing to be uncomfortable. Thanks a mollion!

  • Hello. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you. I need it all. B.jimerson

  • Hello Doreen, I enjoyed the podcast because it reminded me of my mission to accomplish what God placed in me. Thanks for the fire!!!
    Regenia Robertson


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