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Accept. Believe. Choose.

Yes…I’ve lost a few pounds 🙂 And while I haven’t shared much about my journey, people have definitely noticed. Friends and family have mentioned it. Attendees and speakers at events acknowledge my physical change. And my clients have applauded. And as I talk with all of them, can you guess the question I get most?…

[VIDEO] Heart of a Champion

On Thursday, August 1, 2013, I boarded a plane for San Diego. I was excited to be a able to combine two things I loved: learning from other successful women and teaching entrepreneurs. I was attending a workshop on business and teaching on Corporate Partnerships. When I checked into the hotel that night, I was…

[VIDEO] Doing What You Know

When you know WHAT to do, but still don’t do it, there’s something else at play. There’s a deeper, internal transformation that needs to take place around your mindset, beliefs and habits. If that’s a journey you need to take, join me for my RADICAL Success Intensive, September 14-16. Interested? Get on the wait list…

The Missing Link

Patrice C. Washington, America’s Money Maven, and I share the behaviors and traits of those who continually set and reach goals AND a different set of behaviors for those who find themselves frustrated because, even though they want something really bad, they can’t quite seem to make it happen.


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