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Dr. Jennifer Harris
Real Estate Broker, Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, & Author
Founder of Purses, Pumps, and Power Network

Like you, Entrepreneur and Real Estate Broker, Dr. Jennifer Harris has read her share of success stories from women who have gone through some challenging life storms. Dr. Jennifer believes that her own life storms helped catapult her towards her dreams of business ownership, executive coaching and empowering women who are stuck, stagnant and sleep in their life, career and business. She does this through real estate, entrepreneur workshops, coaching and conferences.

Some women dream about wealth, and some actually talk about it. And there are the women who demand wealth—and then take it.

Dr. Jennifer Harris is that woman.

Known as the woman with the “Midas Touch”, everything she touches turns to legacy. A true advocate, Dr. Harris has devoted her life to creating financial and economic freedom for women around the globe. After achieving explosive success in residential real estate, she knew that she could leave no sister behind. So she founded Buy It and Flip It Women, an investment consultancy which turned everyday women into real estate moguls. But she couldn’t stop there.

As the CEO of the Purses, Pumps & Power, Dr. Harris has ignited a global and worldwide movement for women to step into their destiny of wealth. Her organization teaches women how to attain seven (7) purses of wealth and the pumps represents the life work that women must do in their lives, business and careers.

Her newly released book and soon to be blockbuster documentary, “The Black Woman’s Declaration of Independence” will be the beacon call for black women everywhere to rise to new heights, seizing the economic power that is theirs to claim. She continues to pave the path to financial freedom with the introduction of The Black Women’s Trader’s Academy, where she teaches black women her exclusive blueprint to building an investment portfolio they will cherish.

Dr. Jennifer loves helping women gain financial leverage over their lives. Dr. Jennifer runs a successful team and is also committed to continued professional development and does this through masterminds, educational seminars, and networking events all over the country. At one of the educational conferences, Dr. Jennifer was fortunate to be called on stage at the Georgia Dome by Ms. Oprah Winfrey to share some private moments about her life and business. It was a magical life moment that she will never forget.

She contributes her success to her faith and is grateful. Dr. Jennifer has had the opportunity of being in the company of some celebrity superstars such as: Steve Harvey, Oprah Winfrey, Master P, Jack Canfield, Stedman Graham, Iyanla Vanzant, Eric Thomas, and the list continues to grow.

She serves on various women’s and veterans boards and has received several real estate awards including the RE/MAX Hall of Fame. Dr. Jennifer has also received several awards some of which include, ICN Distinguished Leadership Award and the ICN Women Add Value Award from IChange Nations Global Organization from founder Ambassador Dr. Rivers. Dr. Harris is also the founder of Winning Warriors Foundation Inc. which is a 501©(3) company that assist Veterans and military families.

Dr. Jennifer resides in the state of North Carolina.

Website: www.JenniferHarris.com and www.PursesPumpsandPower.com

Kimberly Bryant

Kimberly Bryant is a passionate, caring Registered Nurse for 18years and has been a healthcare executive in corporate America for over 12 years. She is a mentor, motivational speaker, certified legal nurse consultant and a fertility coach. She is a wife of 15yrs and a mother of a toddler.

Kim’s approach to working with fertility and pregnancy loss is influenced by her own personal experience of experiencing losses to becoming a mother of a beautiful baby girl through IVF with a second baby on the way. Kim’s training as an integrative health coach, combined with personal experience and healthcare knowledge allows her to believe wholeheartedly that supporting individuals in finding and honoring their own wisdom and intuition is more powerful and effective than just telling them what to do.

As a fertility coach, Kim helps women improve their family building experience by identifying ways to fill the gaps often left by medical expertise and well-intentioned friends and family members. Kim can relate to many and understands the disappointments, fear and loneliness that many face on the infertility journey because yes she’s been there and has overcome many fertility struggles which allows her to use her experience, natural empathy, and expertise in coaching the fertility process.

Kim works with the fertility industry to offer services that provide encouragement, support, practical guidance, identification and reduction of stress points, all while teaching positive mindset strategies. Kimberly’s coaching includes focus on Emotional Health regarding trauma recovery and building resiliency.

Kim obtained her master degrees MSN, MBA, HCM at the University of Phoenix in 2009 and her Bachelor’s of Science in nursing from Winston-Salem State University in 2002.

It would be a honor to partner with you on your journey of transformation utilizing the radical success method.

Dr. Phildra Swagger

I’m Dr. Phildra Swagger, a certified Personal and Executive Coach with 25 years of leadership experience. I help people get unstuck and businesses grow. There’s really no single descriptor to fully encompass me. I’m an author, educator, executive, creative strategist, coach and CEO. As the daughter of a single-mom, I’m an urban kid all grown up and the personification of resilience, faith, and hard work. My perseverance and strategic approach to life and business have both inspired others and transformed their work. And yet, I am still evolving.

My goal is to help you transform your life and business. I realize building a life or business that fulfills your biggest dreams requires hard work and steadfast focus. I help you get clear on your vision and get out of your own way, so that you can accomplish your goals and enjoy the journey along the way.

As a lifelong learner, I completed my undergraduate studies at North Carolina A&T State University, my M.Ed at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and later my MBA and Ph.D at the University of South Florida. Drawing on my education, experiences, skills, and passion, I founded Combined Expertise, Inc., created the “Ignite Your Faith Leadership” model and currently host the Swagg University podcast to help my clients assess their capabilities, find their voice and accelerate their success.

Partner with me to achieve clearly defined, positive results.

To learn more about me: visit combinedexpertise.com or listen and subscribe to my podcast at swagguniversity.com.


She is a Favored-Financial Disciple, who will help you conform your saving plans and implement spending strategies to achieve your monetary goals. She will provide solutions and eliminate situations.

This Woman of God, Mother of four, Caregiver, and Wife for 18+ years, will encourage and equip you to make financial, educated decisions about your income. She will transfer your thinking, about getting out of debt, to saving more money.

The Negotiator received an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Akron (OH) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology/Psychology from Norfolk State University (VA) graduating top of her class. She has been retired out of Corporate America for over 16 years and living her Blessed Life and fulfilling her Entrepreneur Dream by teaching people how to become Financial Free.

Nicole has served with Wings of Faith Finance Ministries over 6 years, and is currently serving on New Beginnings Church Finance Team for 8+ years. She is a graduate of Financial Peace University and Facilitator for Dave Ramsey, and has several certifications through Dani Johnson. She was also featured on Rise and Shine Tobago, Channel 5, sharing tips and strategies to become wealthy by having multiple stream lines of income.

Focused and Favored, she was able to pay off $72,000 in recurring debt in 15 months in August 2019!

Even though she grew up around two sets of wealthy grandparents, she was still raised in a household living paycheck to paycheck.

This Negotiator knows that ANYBODY can make money, but EVERYBODY can NOT save money!

She will help you build confidence in your current financial environment, eliminate financial stress in your marriage, and transform lives to go to the next level.

She has a gift in helping people with their finances, including how to set up personal budgets, and getting them out of debt with their current income. She will help you create Accountable and Actionable goals that will narrow your focus, so that you can WIN!

She believes that Time and Money will always have somewhere to go. Nicole Nelson, the Negotiator, will teach you how to Negotiate them both.

If you believe it is time to take control over your finances, this Disciplined Coach will enhance your skills and show you the way.

Charmaine Dunn

Are you excited about changing your life, your relationships, and your business? Are you ready for real transformation? Well, Charmaine is your lady. Through her own journey and life experiences she has overcome many challenges. She has taken those challenges and turned them into opportunities. Her experience and relentless behavior of re-inventing herself over and over, and dedication to seeing others achieve success is felt affectionately as she shares her own journey of transformation and yet she is still transforming will inspire you to join her in this process.

Charmaine is a coach, a mentor, a speaker, a strategist, a businesswoman and has worked for more than 30 years in federal government. Charmaine’s background and experience working with the Department of Defense (DoD), the U.S. Department of Education, White House Faith-Based Initiative has equipped her to be one of the leading ladies in helping organizations achieve success through scholarships, grants, and government funding.

As a result of working with her, she will be able to provide clarity, direction, resources, and tools to assist you and help your business and non-profit access funding from $50k to a million. Charmaine is committed to helping you qualify for money through grants, scholarships, and foundation funding.

Charmaine most recently started her own consultant company on a mission to passionately helping others achieve success. She launched Charm’s Consulting Services, LLC in October 2016. Her knowledge and passion for assisting others in helping secure funding is phenomenal. She is affectionally known as the lady who is focused on (Making a difference, adding value, and creating change}, AKA the “MAC Lady”. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Management at the first African American private institution, Wilberforce University. She obtained her master’s degree in Business from Central Michigan University, and a Master’s Certification in Project Management from George Washington University.

Charmaine was honored as one of the Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized (P.O.W.E.R), and was selected as Woman of the Month in December 2018.

Charmaine continues to volunteer her time serving others. She is a dedicated member of Women of Incarcerated Loved Ones (WILO), the National Museum of African American History, Professionals Who’s Who, and Autism Speaks.

Let me assist you on this journey of achieving success and transformation. The results you receive will most definitely be extremely rewarding. Get on board, get ready for take-off. I am excited to be a part of your success.

Deborah L. Mills

Coach, speaker, and author, Deborah L. Mills, causes you to reach for “what’s next.” Her approach to strategic living has set her apart as a leading transformational strategist.

Her work has been noted in Forbes.com, Black and Married With Kids (BMWK), Ebony, theGrio, the National Association of Professional Women, and NorthWesternMutual.com. She has also served as an instructor in the BMWK Marriage and Singles Academy.

As a Certified Executive and Personal Coach with a degree in organizational leadership and management, Deborah has helped many to reach for their personal and family goals. Equipped with a certificate in Stress Management she also coaches you through the process of handling the inevitable stress that comes along with change.

Deborah is gifted to serve you as you strive to dig deep to undergo holistic growth and metamorphic change as you reach for “what’s next” in your life, your marriage, your family, your ministry.  Using the time tested, results-driven Radical Success Method Deborah is ready to support you on to victory. If you are ready to do the work, let's get started.
For coaching or speaking inquiries contact Deborah at [email protected]
Instagram: @deborahlmills

Ramesha Nicole

Ramesha is an international educator, motivator and speaker who inspires women from around the world to get real about their finances to experience financial freedom.

In January 2018, just 26 hours before she was scheduled to leave for an 11 month missions trip, the Lord told Ramesha Nicole to stop running and deal with her debt.

Devastated she did just that.

She graduated from Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and shortly thereafter landed a job working as an international school counselor. What she thought was a journey of just paying off debt, became a journey of healing, evolving and releasing who she thought she was and becoming who she was called to be.

After 1 year, in May of 2019, Ramesha paid off $11,000 in credit card debt.

Ramesha Nicole believes that financial freedom isn’t just about finances, but that it begins with debunking beliefs, shifting your mindset and healing your relationship with yourself and money. The mantra that she began living by in the beginning of 2019 is “before you secure the bag externally, secure it internally."

Learn more about Ramesha at www.ramesha-nicole.com

Nikki Ellis

My name is Nikki Ellis and I am a certified personal empowerment coach.  I inspire women to discover their personal power so they can have the confidence to walk boldly in their purpose without excuses.

I was a single mom at a young age without much support.  Like so many other women I faced many life challenges including financial struggles, homelessness, and feeling like I wanted to give up.   I made  the decision to use my circumstance as a motivation instead of an excuse to become an example for my son.  I went on a journey to discover my personal power so that I could achieve any goal that I set out for myself.

I have had a successful career in corporate America for over 20 years I spent many years as a Corporate Trainer and Performance Coach.  During this time, I have coached many  to discover their personal power and achieve the goals that they set for themselves.

Miranda Jones

Are you ready to get rid of the old and come into the new? 

Here we are 2020 a fresh start to change, rearrange our lives to propel us forward into the life we desire and deserve! 

Come let us take this journey together into our new future!

Renee Glascoe

Renee Glascoe is the founder and lead coach of Conveer Consulting, a company that provides educational services, goal setting, and life coaching for individuals to experience success in learning and in life. She is a graduate from Potomac College with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and has 35 years of federal government service. Renee has been married for 30 years and is a mother of two daughters. In addition, Renee serves as a board member for Proposition Enrichment for the Next Generation, a non-profit organization, and is an active member within her church, Ebenezer African Methodist Episcopal.

Are you looking for the third chapter in your life and maybe you need clarity, courage, confidence and change? I sure needed all of it! I have come through transformational change in my own life and I would be delighted to partner with you to bring clarity, courage, confidence or change in your life.



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